Bicycle Locks & Accessories

The right bicycle lock for every occasion

Which bike lock is the right one for you?



Reliable city buddy

All-round security, suitable for any bike! The heavy hardened steel shackle is a real bodyguard, especially in high-risk, big cities, and makes thieves despair just by looking at it.

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Folding locks

Less anxiety, fewer worry lines

The riveted metal links are extremely solid and will keep your bike safe, even if it stands still for a long time. It also folds up, can be transported on the frame and flexibly attached wherever you like.

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Cable Locks

Maximum flexibility

No matter where you go, a cable lock will always find something to tie itself to! Its light weight makes it a great companion for you and your bike.

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Chain Locks

Shock therapy for thieves

Flexible and hard to crack. Chain your bike to most anything to deter any thieves.

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Frame Locks

Basic protection and practical handling

Do you want to immobilise or add more protection? By simply attaching the lock to the frame, you provide an initial defence against opportunistic thieves. You can easily add to this protection with an additional plug-in chain or cable.