• Once you’ve confirmed your purchase you will be redirected to the PayPal website
  • You can use your bank account or credit card details
  • Your order is processed immediately
  • Only available for items that are in stock
  • Only within the EU
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Why is PayPal not a payment option for my order?
We only offer the option of paying via PayPal for products available for immediate dispatch. If one or more items that you wish to order are currently not in stock, you cannot pay via PayPal.


  • We accept payments with Mastercard and VISA
  • Your credit card is charged upon dispatch of your order
  • Simply enter the credit card number, security code and expiration date when placing your order
  • Please note: Your card needs to be activated for 3D Secure (authentication process through your bank)
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  • The ordered items will be shipped once we receive your payment This may take 2-4 business days, depending on your financial institution
  • Please enter your customer number, invoice number, full name and your place of residence
  • Please make a bank transfer for every order
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We reserve the right to process the shipment using a different payment method to the one you have requested, and will notify you in advance if this is the case.