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Urban Lifestyle Dresses and Skirts

Watch out ladies! Especially on warm days, cycling-specific dresses and skirts are a common sight. In contrast to traditional dresses and skirts, these garments are made of functional fibres. Breathable fibres quickly wick excess heat and moisture away from the skin to the outside of the garment for evaporation. Thus, these sports skirts and dresses keep you pleasantly dry and cool on warm days or intensive tours. Thanks to a simple design, functional dresses and skirts hardly differ from traditional dresses and skirts in terms of looks. This makes them a perfect choice for all women looking for a breathable alternative to classic denim jeans or sporty cycling tights for a cycling holiday, bike tour or daily commutes. Check out the versatile urban dresses and urban skirts now! A real highlight for all ladies who want to ride in style – be it on an evening ride, a cycling holiday or a daily commute to work. We stock a wide range of light summer dresses and skirts in all common sizes, colours and price classes by renowned brands like VAUDE, JACK WOLFSKIN and LÖFFLER. Browse through our range of cycling skirts and cycling dresses for sport and leisure!