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Urban Lifestyle Shirts and Blouses

They blend style with functionality, are suitable for versatile use and look good on every occasion – the practical urban shirts and blouses you can find at ROSE Bikes not only cut a fine figure on the bike.

As they are made of breathable fabrics, the high-quality button-through shirts for women and men are perfect for all kinds of sport activities. Especially on warm days, the popular functional shirts and blouses provide a pleasantly cool and dry feeling. For colder days, we offer long sleeve shirts and blouses that keep you comfortably warm.

The major advantage of functional shirts compared to traditional shirts is that they are made of synthetic fibres. Cotton readily absorbs moisture as you sweat and hold onto the water. Thus, the material feels heavy and moist on the skin. Shirts and blouses made from synthetic fibres on the contrary wick away moisture to the outside of the garment where it can evaporate. In this way, the shirts keep you feeling dry and light. Ideal for sport activities!

Manufacturers like JACK WOLFSKIN, GONSO, VAUDE and many more design their shorts to provide high versatility. Subtle patterns and colours make sure you can hardly see any difference between functional and traditional shirts and blouses, which makes them perfect for sport and leisure. Check shirts and outdoor blouses are particularly popular among cycle tourers and bicycle travellers.

We stock a wide range of button-through shirts for women and men in all common sizes and price ranges by renowned brands like JACK WOLFSKIN, GONSO, Löffler, VAUDE and many more.