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Performance Cycling Jackets for Road Cyclists

There’s no bad weather, just bad clothes! To make sure you are perfectly equipped for your next road bike tour, you should not only invest in a high-end race bike but also in technical cycling clothing. You should not do without a suitable road cycling jacket! Thanks to their athletic fit and elastic materials, road bike jackets fit close to your body. Road cyclists really appreciate that those lightweight jackets follow all your movements and don’t flap too much in the wind. Moreover, an ergonomic fit provides optimized aerodynamics.

In the ROSE online shop, you will find various kinds of road cycling jackets, ranging from waterproof jackets (e.g. with GORE-TEX membrane) via windproof jackets (e.g. with GORE WINDSTOPPER membrane) through to warm, thermal cycling jackets. Discover our range of road cycling jackets for women and men in all common sizes and colours by renowned brands like GORE WEAR, ENDURA, Castelli, ROSE und assos.  

Windproof Road Cycling Jackets Protect from Cold Wind

At high speeds, road cyclists often tend to get cold from wind chill. This effect makes the air temperature feel colder than it actually is with increasing wind speed. An air temperature of 5°C for instance may feel like -18°C for the body at moderate wind speeds. Jackets with an integrated windproof membrane prevent this wind chill effect and thus protect you from getting cold. Two of the most popular windproof membranes are GORE WINDSTOPPER and WINDPROOF by VAUDE. You are looking for a greater choice of windbreakers? Then check out our range of windproof jackets here.

Waterproof Road Cycling Jackets for Showers

If you don’t want to do without cycling in bad weather, you can go for a waterproof road bike jacket. Thanks to microporous and waterproof membranes, waterproof jackets offer effective protection from rain. Rain droplets cannot penetrate the fabric through the membrane, while excess moisture and heat can escape to evaporate. This ensures high comfort and keeps you dry in wet conditions. Some popular waterproof membranes used for jackets are e.g. GORE-TEX, GORE-TEX ACTIVE and GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY.

For an even wider range of waterproof jackets for cycle racing, please see our category Waterproof Jackets.

Softshell Jackets – Versatile Garments for Cool Days

Soft shell is becoming more and more popular. The fabric is windproof, water-repellent, warm, very lightweight, elastic and particularly breathable – the perfect combination for protection against wind and rain when cycling. Thanks to their versatility, softshell jackets are very popular and are used for both sport and everyday life. One popular softshell material is e.g. GORE WINDSTOPPER SOFTSHELL. You are looking for versatile softshell jackets? Then browse through our category Softshell Jackets.

Winter Jackets for the Cold Months

Winter shouldn’t keep you from riding your road bike. Some thermal road cycling jackets are equipped with insulating materials or warm linings to protect you from cold temperatures and to keep you warm and cosy. The right jacket allows you to fully enjoy your winter training. For even more winter bike jackets made of warm thermal materials see our range of thermal cycling jackets.

Clever Features for your Road Cycling Jacket

Some cycling jackets we offer have additional features that might be helpful to you.

  • Packable jackets for road cycling: They are very lightweight and offer high packability. Therefore, these waterproof or windproof jackets fold up small to fit into your jersey pocket. The good thing about those ‘emergency’ jackets is that they offer protection from wind and rain when heavens open. Please read the product description to find out whether the jacket of your choice is packable and lightweight.

Road Bike Cycling Jackets – High Visibility in Traffic

If you are out on your bike for longer and have to ride in twilight or darkness, you should make sure your cycling jacket provides high visibility. Thus, you should pay attention to whether the jacket has sufficient reflective details like reflective piping, reflective logos and reflective prints when buying a new one. Direct light of e.g. headlights will thus be reflected to make you visible to other road users. Besides, hi-vis cycling jackets are a good investment. These jackets come in bright colours like high-vis yellow, instead of classic colours like black, and feature reflective prints. This significantly increases your visibility to other road users for additional safety!

Keeping in mind these useful tips, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Discover our product highlights and equip yourself for your next road bike adventure. We stock a wide range of cycling jackets for women and men in all common sizes and colours by renowned brands like GORE WEAR, ENDURA, Castelli, ROSE und assos.