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The Right Cycling Overshoes

Light Lycra overshoes and wind-and waterproof cycling overshoes

Cycling overshoes are a great possibility to additionally protect yourself when cycling in bad weather or on cold days. In the following, we’ll present you all different types of overshoes and explain what you should bear in mind when buying a new pair. We stock a wide range of waterproof overshoes and gaiters, warm shoe covers and close-fitting road bike overshoes to protect your shoes. Discover our product range including brands like ROSE, SHIMANO, VAUDE, GORE WEAR, GripGrab, ZwölfEnder and many more.

Spoilt for choice – Waterproof overshoes, toe covers, Lycra shoe covers and more

One overshoe is not like the other. You should choose your cycling overshoes depending on intended use, temperature and weather. We stock the following types of overshoes for cycling:

  • Toe covers: Toe covers are a great choice for those who want to keep their sensitive toes warm when riding in cold temperatures. In contrast to traditional shoe covers, they only cover the ‘box’ of the toes. Most toe covers are additionally resistant to wind and spray to protect you from adverse weather conditions. Due to their narrow fit, the covers are usually designed for road bike shoes only.
  • Lycra shoe covers: Unlike toe covers, Lycra shoe covers cover the entire shoe. As they are made from a very elastic material, they stretch tightly over your road or MTB shoes. Due to the thin Lycra material, the overshoes don’t offer protection from cold in winter, but only protect your sensitive shoes from spray, dirt and scratches. In addition, Lycra shoe covers are often used to reduce drag.
  • Waterproof overshoes: If you want to protect your feet from rain, you should buy yourself a pair of waterproof overshoes. These shoe covers are made from windproof and waterproof material to keep your feet dry. Overshoes for road and MTB shoes are tight-fitting. For leisure and touring shoes, you should choose waterproof gaiters.
  • Waterproof gaiters: Gaiters are designed for use on leisure cycling and touring bike shoes. These waterproof overshoes are cut wider to offer enough space for wide touring soles. Besides, these cycling shoes are suitable for normal shoes (e.g. casual shoes, sneakers).
  • Winter overshoes: If you want to ride your bike right through winter, you should buy yourself warm overshoes. The vast majority of these overshoes are made of neoprene to keep your feet dry and offer effective protection in cold weather.

What size do I need?

You basically do not need to size up your overshoes. However, if you go up one size, it'll be a bit easier for you to put on the shoes and they won't feel constricting. Our experts will be happy to help you if you have trouble finding the right size.

Which features are important?

Depending on the model, there are different additional features that might be interesting for you. Please find below the most important ones

  • Cutout: Most overshoes for road bikes and MTBs don't have a sole. This means that there is only an elastic strap or a Velcro bar on the underside. This allows the covers to be easily secured around the cleat.
  • Full-length Velcro: Overshoes can sometimes be difficult to put on. To help you get in and out of the shoe covers, many manufacturers have equipped their overshoes with a full-length Velcro on the back. Thus, you can get on your overshoes within seconds.
  • Hi-vis overshoes: Some overshoes are not black but come in striking colours like neon yellow and feature large reflective details. Thus, other road users will see you faster and better when riding your bike on public roads.
  • Reflective elements: Especially when riding after dark, reflective elements on your overshoes can improve your visibility in road traffic.
  • Neoprene: Many winter overshoes are made from neoprene or come with neoprene inserts. This makes them particularly durable, while reliably protecting you from wind, rain and cold.

    We stock a wide range of waterproof overshoes and gaiters, warm shoe covers and close-fitting road bike overshoes to protect your shoes. Discover our range of products from popular brands like ROSE, SHIMANO, VAUDE, GORE WEAR, GripGrab, ZwölfEnder and many more.

Do you have questions about overshoes?

What size do I need in cycling overshoes?
  • You should get overshoes in your normal shoe size.
  • If you are between two sizes, we recommend buying the larger size. Please also pay attention to the notes on our product detail page.
What are the advantages of overshoes?
  • There are different types of overshoes. They can either protect your feet from water and wind or from dirt and scratches.
  • Many overshoes have reflective elements or are made entirely of hi-vis material to increase your visibility on dark days.
  • Overshoes usually have a sole cut-out. This means they don’t have a sole of their own, but instead offer your cycling shoe enough space to connect with the clipless pedal.
What are the different types of overshoes?
  • There are overshoes for your toes only and others that cover your entire feet and ankles.
  • There are also waterproof overshoes that protect your whole shoe from wind and water.
  • What’s more, there are lined overshoes and others made of Lycra material that protect your shoes from dirt and scratches.
What are waterproof overshoes suitable for?
Waterproof overshoes protect your shoes from road splash and rain. This keeps your cycling shoes dry and prevents your feet from cooling down quickly.