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The Right Sports Bra for You

For all ladies, a good sports bra is a sports underwear essential. After all sports bras offer good support for sport activities, so that you don’t need to worry about a thing. Besides, they promise high comfort. Yet, the choice is huge. Ranging from traditional models with racer back and push-up bras through to various different models with additional features. Which bra is right for you? In our buyer’s guide, we’ll show you the differences and explain what to look out for when purchasing a new sports bra.

We stock a wide range of sports bras in all common sizes and with different support levels by renowned brands like Shock Absorber, triaction by Triumph and odlo.

What Do I Need A Sports Bra For?

A woman’s breast moves a few centimetres with every step when walking. So more intensive sport activities like jogging can result in sagging of the breast tissue. This can result in a loss of elasticity and breast pain. A perfectly fitting sports bra is a great solution. A sports bra uses compression to provide stability for the breast’s soft tissue. Each lady that replaces their standard bra with a high-quality sports bra highly appreciates the comfortable feeling and support a sport-specific bra offers.

Sports Bras for Yoga, Cycling or Jogging

Depending on the sport and intensity there are different forces acting on a woman’s breast. Therefore, many manufacturers offer specifically designed sports bras that offer good support. The manufacturers usually categorise their sports bras into three different support levels, so that you know which intensity they are made for:

  • High impact – specifically designed for extra support during high-impact workouts. Thanks to tight and strong materials, a close fit and other brand-specific features like Bounce Control, these bras offer best support for intensive sports activities like jogging, horse riding etc.
  • Medium impact – Medium-impact sports bras offer medium support for various exercises. Thus, these bras are perfectly suitable for medium intensity workouts like cycling, Zumba, Aerobic and others.
  • Low impact – Some sports bras offer less support for a woman’s breast due to elastic materials and a stretchy design. Therefore, low-impact bras are best suited for less intensive sports like e.g. yoga. There are also bustiers without closure available, since they are more comfortable to wear when lying on the ground.

Straps, Bottom Band, Cups and Closure – What Should I Pay Attention To?

Choosing a sports bra with the right features is more important than you’d suggest. Perfectly fitting straps, for instance, prevent slipping of the bra and don’t cut into your skin. A precisely fitting bottom band and length-adjustable straps additionally ensure a tight fit and best support.

  • Length-adjustable straps are specifically popular. They help you adjust the bra to your needs at any time.
  • The so-called racerback style bras are also becoming more and more popular. These bras don’t come with two parallel running shoulder straps, but with straps that meet together between the shoulder blades. This provides relief for the shoulders and eliminates slipping. Ideal for intensive exercises!
  • Wide straps – ideally with a thin padding – are specifically important. In contrast to slim straps on a classic bra, they distribute pressure over a larger surface area. This is considered to be more comfortable during training.
  • A wide bottom band with flexible width adjustment is also important. It provides best stability for the sports bra and thus a perfect basis for good support. As it is quite wide, it distributes pressure over a larger surface without cutting into the skin.
  • Integrated cups inside the sports bra offer a precisely defined shape and can help make small breasts look bigger.
  • You should also pay attention to the choice of the right fabrics. When doing sports on warm days or in the gym, it’s important to wear materials that are very breathable, fast-drying and lightweight.

What Size Do I Need?

To achieve full functionality, a sports bra should fit perfectly. Otherwise, it might cut into the skin or not offer sufficient support. To make sure you’ll find the right size bra, we’ll explain what to pay attention to:

  1. The band should be snug around your rib cage without cutting into your skin. In addition, the under bust band should be at the same height around your chest and not fit higher at the back due to e.g. too tight straps.
  2. The straps should be adjusted to offer enough support without cutting into your skin or limiting mobility.
  3. The cups should encapsulate and surround the breast perfectly without compressing it.

You are not sure which size is right for you? Our experts will be happy to take your measurements in one of stores to help you find the right size. Numerous manufacturers offer size calculators on their website to determine the right bra size based on your under bust and bust measurements.

These tips show you what to look out for when buying a new sports bra or bustier. Yet, our experts will of course be happy to help you with any questions.

We stock a wide range of sports bras in all common sizes and support levels by renowned brands like Shock Absorber, triaction by Triumph and odlo.