Training Camp in Mallorca

For many, the first bright moment in the season their springtime training camp, at a place with a benign climate, where it’s easier to manage longer distances and more intensive demands and they can achieve a new fitness level. Mallorca is the classic holiday destination for cyclists, and with good reason.

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“Finally win races again!”

That’s my goal for this year. My name is Matthias and I have been a competitive cyclist since my early youth. Now I’m thirty years old, in the middle of my professional career and unfortunately, it is not as easy to hit top form as it was when I was a pupil or student. Time is short, the training programme must be clearly structured and to be honest, I used to torture myself much more during past winters.

Today, everything’s different. My new girlfriend Julia is at least as mad about road cycling as I am. We got to know each other during joint training sessions and then fell in love while cycling. Another motivating factor are our two brand-new road bikes of the highest quality! The bikes are ultra-light, aerodynamically optimised and thus offer comfort for long tours in the saddle – I’m talking about the X-LITE SIX and FOUR DISC by ROSE. I can’t wait to finally get to know my new bike in temperatures above four degrees and on dry roads.

Matthias and Julia Sunrise in Mallorca

Starting with a casual ride for acclimatisation

Our training plan is quite typical and was made by our coach. I have already trained like this on the island several times. Several training groups from my cycling club used to fly to Mallorca between February and April, so that I regularly had the chance to eat miles on the sunny Balearic Island.

We start with a casual ride for acclimatisation and increase the time spent on the bike by one hour every day. In the middle of the week we will have a rest day, with a casual ride to recover. Most of the time we do foundational training, though we were also told to slightly force the pace on the mountain, if we felt like it. It will be 20 hours of training in total and I intend to enjoy every single minute. At least, the weather will be good.

Exemplary training camp schedule

Training plan

We rented a little finca near Alcúdia, because we wanted to be by ourselves and bring food that meets our own preferences. The journey to Mallorca is simple from all German airports.
When we arrive at our finca after a short stop at the supermarket, we are stunned by how amazing our accommodations are.

The bikes are ready and waiting

The search on Airbnb was worth the effort. The look into our bike cases brings relief, too: both bikes arrived safely, so that I can immediately start to make them fit for the road again. Only half an hour after we arrive at the house, Julia blurts out: “When do we finally go for our first ride?” I can’t help laughing, because I can’t think of anything else either.

An espresso, a banana, and half an hour later, we are ready to go – perfectly dressed and with drinks bottles in our hands. I can’t wait to finally show Julia how beautiful this island is. If we head towards Cap Formentor now, we will experience the northernmost point of the island during sunset. An absolute highlight right at the beginning of our stay.

There’s a cycle path along the coast that leads right through the bay of Pollença. We breath in the salty air and feel the sun through our clothes and on our skin. A rather strange feeling in mid-February. Our bikes feel zippy from the very start. We effortlessly reach 30 km/h and it gets difficult to ride more slowly on the flat – thanks to sophisticated aerodynamics and good tyres. The ascent to the Cap starts right behind Port de Pollença and this is where we open our windbreakers. We have to pace ourselves, so we decide for a moderate pace on the climb.

Road cycling has never been easier and more intuitive for me

There will be plenty of opportunities to put some more pressure on the pedals this week. We soon find a good rhythm and notice how easily our bikes climb up the hill – which is not surprising at all, as the frames weigh less than 800 grams. After a few minutes, we have a breathtaking view of the bay. The first descent is waiting, and I feel as safe on my X-LITE as if I had already ridden plenty of kilometres with it. Yet, it’s the first real downhill ride on this bike for me.

Julia’s bike also seems to suit her, because she is riding by my rear wheel with a smile on her face. What’s completely new to us are the disc brakes on both bikes. The modern brakes reliably carry out their duties on front and rear wheel while requiring only little force. Cycling has never been easier and more intuitive for me than in this moment.

Even though the route up the Cap is not hard to find, since there are no turn-offs, it is characterised by a constant switch between up- and downhill sections. We try to focus on the road, even though the views are stunning. And there it is – the Far de Formentor. The setting sun is reflected in the tower. A few steep slopes later, we stand in a beautiful place right on time to enjoy the sunset together.

We are not surrounded by tourists, but welcomed by a hungry goat. Julia gives the goat a piece of her energy bar, so that we can take a few selfies with our new friend. We enjoy a few minutes of the magical atmosphere in the golden light.

Cap Formentor
Road Goat

Almost done

Sadly, we have to get back home soon so that we arrive before dark. It’s almost dark when we arrive at our accommodation. There is peaceful silence between us. I have to sort the impressions of our first ride and, even though there are five days of tough training ahead of me, I feel that I have already made peace with myself and the world – and with my new bike.

In the end, it's just you and your bike and the endless freedom that Mallorca provides. At the beginning of the year it is important to build a good foundation for the coming season with a multi-day training camp and, between energy-sapping climbs, breathtaking views and endless downhill runs, you not only do something for your fitness, but above all something for your mental health, because you will definitely have fun between all of the exertion.

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