Guide to Gravel Bike Groupsets

What are the components of a gravel groupset, what makes them stand out from other biking types and which gravel-dedicated groupset is right for you and your style of riding? Here’s everything you need to know.

Versatile gravel groupsets for every type of riding

Gravel groupsets combine the advantages of the established MTB and road bike sectors so you have everything you need for gravelling! The components of a gravel groupset are especially designed to meet the requirements of gravel or trail rides – a well thought-out overall concept for versatile use.

What are the components of a gravel groupset?

A groupset includes all components of the drivetrain and the brake. We will show you which components are included in gravel-dedicated groupsets, where to find the individual parts on your gravel bike and what the differences are between the different types of groupsets.

A bike’s groupset has a strong influence on the shifting and braking performance. The main differences lie in the technologies used and the material, which is why they affect the quality and weight of a group.

Crankset (A)


The crank is the part of your bike to which the pedal is attached and, with the help of the chainring, ensures that your pedalling force is redirected to the drive and thus the bike.

Shift and brake lever combination (B)

Shift and brake lever combination

You use the shift and brake lever combination of your shift group to operate the front and rear brakes plus change gears.