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Powerbar – evolving mindsets

With carbohydrate and protein products, Powerbar supports all performers who want to achieve more and are prepared to push their limits for it. Our mission is to combine outstanding capabilities with responsibility and make performance accessible to all.
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Sports nutrition for success

Sport and nutrition simply belong together. Without the right sports nutrition, top performance is not even possible. Regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or a fitness athlete, the food we eat has a decisive influence on our well-being, our physical fitness and also on regeneration after sport. This is precisely why training and competition for athletes always begins and ends in the kitchen.

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Powerbar goes plastic-free!

Our latest innovation: An environmentally friendly plastic-free alternative in the form of a 100% garden compostable film, developed together with our partner RePAQ®. This zero waste material is free of pollutants and becomes part of the natural cycle again without harming our environment. Our new TRUE Range products and the Protein Soft Layer bar carry this sustainable and recyclable alternative because: This is how performance works today!