helmets and protectors for Gravity sports


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POC is a Swedish company with a clear mission: Developing cycle helmets and protectors that can save lives and reduce health consequences for gravity athletes after sport accidents. With patented safety solutions, POC has already set new standards in terms of construction, material combinations and technology and thus significantly increased the level of protection. Apart from helmets and protectors, POC also offers a range of high-quality accessories like gloves, sports glasses and drinks bottles, as well as a huge choice of cycle clothes including cycling jerseys and trousers.

POC back protectors with different degrees of hardness
POC protectors stand out for flexibility, comfort and a low weight. Moreover, they offer two different protection categories: VPD (Viscoelastic Polymer Dough) and Multi-Impact. These two different systems are based on the fact that most cyclists place different demands on protective clothes. The difference: The POC VPD protector works progressively, which means that it adapts to the intensity of the impact and stays flexible. The polyurethane foam of the Multi-Impact models on the contrary individually adapts to its user and stays soft. In case of an impact, the material hardens to absorb impact energy.  

POC helmets – different helmet categories for various requirements in cycling
POC has developed six different helmet categories to meet the different requirements of athletes: The combination of inmould and hard shell helmets results in great absorption of impact energy. Moreover, it prevents sharp or hard objects from piercing the helmet! POC helmets are made of EPP (expanded polypropylene), as this material is able to absorb the impact energy of several falls. In contrast to an EPS shell, an expanded polypropylene shell (EPP) retains its shape in case of an impact, which is why it can also easily absorb repeated shocks.  

Gained in practice for athletes – how POC works  
To be able to perfectly meet the requirements of extreme athletes and sports enthusiasts, POC works closely together with a large team of athletes from different disciplines. In the field of protective clothes, POC has managed several times to set new standards – POC ski googles, POC cycle helmets, POC protectors and many other products are developed along with science and research.  

The Swedish company POC was founded in 2005 and soon became one of the world’s leading manufacturers for helmets, glasses, clothes and protectors. POC works in close cooperation with sports medicine experts, brain scientists and specialists of the Volvo Car Group in order to continuously optimise the safety technology of helmets and protectors. Many famous athletes and the UCI ProTeam Cannondale-Drapac Pro Cycling trust in the Swedish company. Thanks to their unique designs and a high safety standard, POC received the Brand of the Year Award of the German Design Council in 2017.
POC’s Octal offers the perfect combination of high comfort, excellent ventilation and a low weight. Besides, POC has approached ventilation in a unique way: Instead of using many small vents, Octal has fewer, but larger, ventilation slots. This ventilation design allows more air to flow through the helmet, which also results in improved aerodynamic performance.