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High-quality bike tools for professionals and hobby mechanics


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The ‘Park Tool’ bicycle tool makes all the difference when it comes to perfect bicycle repairs. The manufacturer offers a wide range of care and maintenance products to get every cycle back on track. For example, you can buy nipple wrenches, tyre patches, self-adhesive patches or a replacement brush heads for sprocket brushes from the experts. The range also includes a book, which accurately describes the basics and tips and tricks relating to technical bicycle systems. The products of the company are used nationally and internationally in the field of bicycle repairs. The reason for this is the extremely high level of quality and functionality. Cycle tools from ‘Park Tool’ are in demand when a bicycle is broken or when an individual part has to be professionally maintained or serviced.

‘Park Tool’ and competitive cycling – Equipment for cycle repairs  
If a carbon steerer tube, a carbon seat post or different carbon part has to be adjusted in length, cycle repair professionals opt for a saw blade from ‘Park Tool’. If when cycling, the tyre wall has become damaged when riding on the track because it is cracked or chafed, tyre patches from Park Tool are a good choice. They can also be used without problems when on the move. The bicycle patches are self-adhesive and are simply glued to the inner side of the place where there is damage. The cyclist can then continue his journey. When repairing their bikes, professional cyclists and amateur cyclists around the world fall back on the tool with which cycle parts can be professionally and reliably serviced and maintained.

Cycle maintenance and servicing with ‘Park Tool’: Safety in the field of competitive cycling   
ParkTool stocks a variety of bicycle tools, e.g. the brake disc adjusting tool, hacksaws, workshop hammers and even foldable pocket knives. Repair professionals rely on Park Tool assembly grease in order to reduce signs of wear on the thread. The highly effective grease reduces friction and ensures the durability of metal parts at contact points. Seizure is effectively prevented. The grease is also suitable for mounting bottom brackets, bearing cups and headsets. As such, corrosive wear is avoided. Pizza cutters (in a bicycle design) are also available from Park Tool as well as barbecue utensils, a brake cylinder adjusting clamp and cone wrenches. From the specialist for bicycle maintenance and servicing, hobby cyclists and real professional cyclists will find everything they need to bring a cycle safely on the road.