Lizard Skins

Your expert for non-slip handlebar tapes and robust protective films for your bike


Since 1993, Lizard Skins has created products to meet the needs and wants of cyclists around the world. With a wide variety of cycling products, ranging from the handlebar grips of the “Grip” Series via the well-known neoprene chainstay protectors through to their bar tape, Lizard Skins has everything you need to make the most of your ride. The brand’s mission is to protect the bike and rider while making the ride more enjoyable.

Lizard Skins always stays tuned to the needs of cyclists, their wishes and current trends of the scene. Thus, the small business with a single work table has turned into a renowned company with its own manufacturing plant and distributors and customers all over the world. Among the most important test riders and idea providers of Lizard Skins are top athletes, pro teams and pro riders who rely on the high quality of the manufacturer.

Made in USA – Quality for Cycling
By producing their products exclusively in the USA, Lizard Skins manages to maintain a high level of quality control and efficiency. Each product – whether it is a grip, a bar tape or a frame protector – is carefully inspected before distribution. Thus, Lizard Skins ensures a consistent high quality of their products as well as an environmentally-friendly and resource-saving production.

Sustainability – Lizard Skins’ Philosophy
From the very beginning, Lizard Skins has intended to be a “green” brand. By carefully choosing their materials, creating environmentally friendly packaging, reducing waste to a minimum, producing as many products as possible in the nearby production facilities and by making the production as resource-efficient as possible, Lizard Skins has managed to position themselves as a sustainable brand.

Our Range of Lizard Skins Products
In our online shop, you’ll find a huge range of Lizard Skins products. Ranging from frame, fork and chainstay protectors through to high-quality bar tapes in modern colours – we offer a wide product choice of the popular US brand.