Ignite your passion

Ignite your passion

Experience "Ride All Year" with GripGrab's premium equipment. Conquer any weather and support your body with our innovative solutions. Developed by cyclists for cyclists like you.

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New summer cycling clothing

A celebration of functionality and style

GripGrab summer cycling clothing is carefully designed to enhance your cycling experience and offers a range of cutting-edge features that increase both functionality and style. GripGrab is known for combining technical precision with the joy of cycling. Summer cycling clothing is a celebration of positive moments on the bike. Whether you're tackling challenging climbs, enjoying a leisurely ride with friends or taking in the scenic beauty around you, GripGrab's summer cycling clothing is designed to enhance every aspect of your ride.

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New short finger gloves

Developed to perfection

Made with the latest technology, the new GripGrab short finger gloves are more than just an accessory, they are indispensable companions for cyclists who demand nothing but the best. The new series of short finger gloves continues the tradition of GripGrab precision that cyclists trust. Developed to perfection, the gloves exude meticulous design, comfort, durability and grip. This combination ensures that you experience the ultimate connection between hand and handlebar. The GripGrab short finger gloves are not just a product, they symbolise the dedication that GripGrab holds in enhancing your cycling experience. Your hands deserve nothing but the best and that’s exactly what the GripGrab short finger glove range delivers.

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Summer Base Layers

Base layers for all weather conditions

Designed to be incredibly lightweight and breathable, the GripGrab summer base layers offer a second-skin feel. To ensure maximum comfort during your ride. Precision meets performance when it comes to regulating your temperature to ensure optimum sporting activity. GripGrab summer base layers redefine your cycling experience. Since comfort is your priority, these base layers will keep you covered mile after mile.

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Summer Socks

The development of comfort

Produced with precision and attention to detail, GripGrab summer socks offer a perfect balance of functionality and comfort. The breathable, moisture-wicking fabric keeps your feet cool and dry and ensures comfort during your rides. The seamless construction and anatomical design provide a snug fit that minimises friction and improves your overall riding experience. Born from the relentless search for perfection, GripGrab socks are designed to fulfil the specific needs of cyclists and today stand as the pinnacle of excellence.

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