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For more than 30 years, GORE Wear has been developing products to make your sports experience even better. Products that are based on the knowledge of the special requirements of athletes. They are developed in a continuous cycle of research, design and development, testing and retesting. Using world-leading textile technologies, GORE Wear creates functional apparel that sets new standards in comfort and protection. This helps you to set new standards for yourself, in running and cycling and beyond. Be the first to experience the latest technologies from the inventor of GORE-TEX.


The introduction of GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY product technology in the summer of 2017 set a new benchmark of cyclists and runners worldwide. With this revolutionary development in materials science, it is now possible to dispense with the outer fabric when producing the membrane of the jacket. This prevents the cooling effect that occurs when the outer fabric becomes wet. Thanks to the permanently water-repellent surface that seals the jacket to the outside, the wearer can quickly shake the surface dry. When in use, whether during running or cycling, water simply rolls off the jacket, preventing moisture from accumulating on the surface. This jacket is designed for ambitious athletes – it will enable peak performances, even if the weather is far from ideal. Ambitious athletes cannot wait for better conditions to start their training.

GORE Wear Road products:

GORE Wear Road products: Technical excellence paired with outstanding design

In order to get on your road bike spontaneously at any time, you need clothing that will prepare you for all eventualities. Inspired by the needs of ambitious athletes, all products in the collection reflect GORE Wear’s commitment to continuous product improvement. The fresh look combined with highly functional fabrics create the ultimate apparel system for road cyclists. The GORE Wear Road collection is designed to serve road cyclists in any situation, whether on evening tours with friends, during weekend trips or long sports rides. In combination with GORE Wear arm and leg warmers, this product line provides lightweight, non-restrictive clothing for all seasons, which can also be worn ideally under a waterproof outer layer. This collection includes products that have become indispensable parts of every road cyclist’s basic equipment. The GORE Wear Road collection ensures comfortable and stylish rides in all weather conditions.
The GORE Wear mountain bike series

The GORE Wear mountain bike series Performance and uncompromising comfort for demanding athletes

Whether you have a strenuous training day or the most important race of the season ahead of you – lightweight and reliable clothing is essential for your performance. GORE Wear has further developed the mountain bike series into the dream of every rider. This was made possible by their great athletes who are at the top of the mountain bike world cup. If a place on the podium is what you are aiming at, then little things make a big difference. The mountain bike series allows high-performance athletes to adapt quickly to different temperatures on a long racing day. The products are the perfect equipment for riders who train or compete in any weather. With this equipment, athletes can defy the elements and thus create the best possible conditions for top performance, even in harsh, unforgiving weather.