Made to inspire.

ALPINA – made to inspire

Our mission is to protect cyclists: from sunrays, head injuries and bad taste. That's why all bike products inspire you to get outside, ride your bike into town, tackle the next trail.
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Enduro – Powered by ALPINA

Discover the new ALPINA styles now

Dust, gravel, soil, roots and rocks – these are the familiar elements of the enduro scene. And this is exactly where ALPINA feels at home. Whether you are looking for technical challenges or prefer riding flow trails – at ALPINA you will find protective equipment that is not only safe but also stylish. And for those who want to give their all not only on the trail, but also in terms of style, the exclusive Blackbird artwork will be available on selected ALPINA pieces in summer 24. Ride on!

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Discover the new ALPINA styles now

Explore the city by bike, experience it from a different perspective. Independent, flexible – and safe. Perfectly protected. With helmets from Alpina, for young and old, for day and night.