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With the COMMUTER DAYPACK CITY backpack, ORTLIEB has developed a daypack that is especially adapted to the needs of fashion-forward city cyclists and...


119,95 EUR

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deuter ROAD ONE backpack

A backpack for road cyclists! The deuter ROAD ONE backpack is a minimalist, aerodynamic companion that holds everything you cannot pack into your jers...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 69,95 EUR -tól64,95 EUR

deuter TRANS ALPINE 30 backpack

- MOUNTAINBIKE 06/18: Best value for money - - MOUNTAINBIKE 06/18: Very good - The deuter TRANS ALPINE 30 backpack primarily impresses with a volume...

129,95 EUR

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ERGON BA3 E Protect protector backpack

The BA3 E Protect backpack by ERGON is the must-have for all all-mountain riders who also ride with an e-mtb, as it offers sufficient space for a repl...

Szín: black

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 179,95 EUR 139,95 EUR

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This day pack with roll closure comes in a messenger bag design and impresses with its compact size. A removable inner bag with zip, edge protection a...


ERGON BA3 backpack

The BA3 backpack by ERGON offers an exciting new feature: From now on, you do no longer have to decide between different sizes, as the back panel of t...

Szín: blue

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 139,95 EUR 99,95 EUR

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CamelBak REPACK LR4 hip bag

- bike TEST WINNER 10/2018 - The REPACK LR4 hip bag by CamelBak naturally comes with integrated hydration system. The CRUX LUMBAR RESERVOIR can hold...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 79,95 EUR 63,95 EUR

deuter RACE EXP AIR bicycle backpack

The RACE EXP AIR backpack by deuter is the largest backpack of the RACE series. It stands out with a thought-out division and numerous features, which...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 84,95 EUR -tól74,95 EUR

ERGON BA2 E Protect protector backpack

The BA2 E Protect backpack by ERGON is the must-have for all all-mountain riders who also ride with an e-mtb, as it offers sufficient space for a repl...

Szín: black

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 169,95 EUR 127,95 EUR

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ZOOT ULTRA TRI 2.0 backpack

If you want to travel to competitions, the new ULTRA TRI 2.0 backpack is a must-have! This incredibly lightweight and very durable triathlon-specific...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 139,95 EUR 109,95 EUR

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BASIL MILES DAYPACK single pannier bag

The waterproof MILES DAY single pannier bag by BASIL is an allrounder. Thanks to the included shoulder straps, you can also use it as backpack, should...

Waterproof Lifestyle

Szín: black lime

black lime
black slate
Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 69,95 EUR 49,95 EUR

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CamelBak CLASSIC hydration pack

The CLASSIC hydration pack by CAMELBAK offers a 2,5 l hydration bladder and a stowage of 0,5 litres. It is thus perfectly suitable for short tours, ev...

ORTLIEB carrying system for bike bags

Padded backback carrying system for the Ortlieb bike bag models "Back Roller", "Front Roller", "Bike Tourer", "Bike Packer", "Sport Packer" and "Bike...

Szín: schwarz

34,95 EUR

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deuter COMPACT EXP 16 backpack

This newly designed deuter COMPACT EXP 16 backpack fits absolutely securely thanks to the carefully thought-out Auto-Compress hip fin construction - e...

Szín: arctic-slateblue

99,95 EUR

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With a volume of 24 litres, the handy ORTLIEB VELOCITY HIGH VISIBILITY daypack is just the right choice for daily commutes to the office, school or un...


deuter RACE AIR bike backpack

The RACE AIR backpack by deuter remains true to the RACE series: compact, with a clever division and with numerous features, which are ideally suited...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 74,95 EUR -tól64,95 EUR

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deuter TRANS ALPINE 32 EL backpack

With a volume of 32 litres, the deuter TRANS ALPINE 32 EL backpack is the perfect choice for multi-day bike tours. The AIRSTRIPES SYSTEM ventilation s...

Szín: graphite/black

149,95 EUR

ORTLIEB VARIO QL2.1 pannier bag

Your especially flexible space saver - the ORTLIEB Vario can easily be turned from a practicle bicycle bag into a comfortable backpack. The waterproof...


CamelBak K.U.D.U. PROTECTOR 20 protector backpack

The K.U.D.U. PROTECTOR 20 by CamelBak is a protector backpack and a back protector in one! Thanks to the surrounding zips, you can zip off the bag and...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 219,95 EUR 174,95 EUR

deuter RACE LITE bike backpack

The RACE LITE backpack by deuter is a real lightweight. Here, everything is designed for a low weight and best ventilation. Just the right choice for...

Szín: graphite/black

49,95 EUR


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