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Bike locks and accessories

The effective way to protect your bike from theft

In many cities and counties, bike theft ranks very high in crime statistics. The more expensive your bike is, the better you should protect it. If you need to park your bike unattended often, it is worth investing into a good bike lock to protect your peace of mind as well.

Which type of bike lock do I need?
A good bike lock must meet several criteria, which strongly depend on the intended use. Different bike locks make sense for you, if you just want to lock your bike or if you want to secure it to an object. Flexibility, safety level and weight can play an important role when using the lock everyday. First, you should think about what you need your bike lock for, in order to find the best one for you.

Five types of bike locks
In total, there are five different types of bike locks we offer. They differ in their flexibility and their intended use. The U-lock is a shackle made from massive metal, connected by a crossbar. It is hardly flexible and heavy. Therefore, it is, on the one hand, an efficient protection against light-fingered thieves, yet it leaves only little room to secure your bike to objects and it is heavy to carry along. The folding lock is, similar to the U-lock, made from massive metal. However, it can be unfolded like a folding ruler, thanks to its flexible links. This makes it significantly more flexible than a U-lock, and, moreover, it can also be easily fixed to objects. Thanks to the links, a folding lock is very difficult to be cracked with a bolt cutter. The cable lock is a very popular bike lock, made from a steel cable with plastic coating. It is very flexible, light enough to be carried along easily, and, thanks to its length, it allows you to secure your bike to lanterns and other objects. The chain lock is a bike lock, made from massive chain links in a weatherproof coating. It is very flexible, too, and can be easily secured to objects. Compared to a cable lock, it is a little heavier. The frame lock can be considered as a basic protection for your bike. It is fixed permanently to the frame and allows you to quickly lock your bike during a short break. In this way, however, thieves can simply carry away your bike. In combination with a plug-in chain or cable, you can secure your bike to objects, too, to make life difficult for thieves.