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Muc-Off 8 in 1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Consists of: bucket with lid (can be used as wash box), Bike Cleaner 1 l (item no. 1403310), Bike Spray 500 ml (item no. 1403329), sponge, soft washin...

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Park Tool CM-5.2 chain cleaner

With the Park Tool CM-5.2 chain cleaner you can quickly clean your bicycle chain. Simply insert the chain, turn it through, ready. In this way, you ca...

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Xtreme brush kit

Xtreme brush kit for a thorough cleaning of your bike. Whether they are used to clean deep between sprockets or chainrings, to remove dirt from large...

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Xtreme Clean Up kit

The Xtreme Clean Up kit allows you to effectively and quickly clean bicycle chain and sprockets after long tours or at the beginning of the season. Th...

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Muc-Off X3 Dirty Chain Machine

Makes every bike chain shine again. In just a few seconds. Simply spray the cleaner on the chain or into the upper reservoir of the device. By pushing...

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Finish Line chain cleaner kit incl. Eco Tech and Teflon Plus

Give your chain a treat - quickly and thoroughly. Simply place the cleaning device onto the chain and let the chain run through. 3 rotating brushes an...

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Muc-Off Chain Doc chain cleaning device

Chain cleaning with minimal effort - clean and fast. The chain cleaning device is combined with the exchangeable spray can in a way that lets you oper...

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Muc-Off Muc Off 5 x Premium Brush Kit

High-quality brush kit for the whole bike. With nylon bristles and rubberised handle that won’t slip in extreme conditions. · Soft Washing Brush e.g....

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Muc-Off Mechanics Gloves

These resistant mechanics gloves are perfect for anyone working on a bicycle and offer protection against most cuts and scratches. Besides, they keep...

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ROSE Caretec XL cleaning kit

The problem is all too common: Whether it's bad roads or bad weather – after a tour, the bike looks shabby. The ROSE Caretec XL cleaning kit offers ev...

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Muc-Off Workshop Mat

How would you like to be able to maintain and clean your bike everywhere? This foldable workshop mat makes it unnecessary to move into the garage. The...

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Park Tool BCB-4.2 brush set

A clean bike is a happy bike! The BCB-4.2 is a four-piece brush set made specifically to clean bicycles. · Including: GSC-1 GearClean brush, frame cl...

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Muc-Off 3x Brush Set

Easy and comfortable cleaning! This practical brush kit makes your bike frame, hub, chain and other components shiny again in no time, while caring fo...

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Muc-Off neoprene protective cover for disc brakes

The Muc-Off protective cover shields the brake discs during bicycle cleaning, care and transport so that you can rely on full braking power in critica...

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Xtreme Scrub Brush

The Xtreme Scrub Brush helps you clean your bike efficiently, including hard-to-reach areas like the gaps between sprockets and chainrings. The claw e...

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Finish Line Gear Floss cleaning rope

With Gear Floss you can even slide into the smallest gap. Simply position the floss onto the area you would like to clean and slide it back and forth...

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Xtreme Caretec chain cleaning device

The Xtreme Caretec chain cleaning device is the perfect choice for a fast cleaning of dirty bicycle chains. This chain cleaner helps you clean bicycle...

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Park Tool RBS-5 replacement brush set and foam blocks for CM-5.2 chain cleaner

· Set incl. three roller brushes and two wicking foam blocks · Suitable for the chain cleaner CM-5.2, item no.: 2185208

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Finish Line Grease Gun grease injection pump

Most bearings are either situated in hardto-reach areas or only need a small amount of grease which cannot be precisely applied with commercial items....

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Muc-Off Microfiber cleaning cloth

Premium quality ultra fine microfibre cloth. · leaves a gleaming, streak free finish · no risk of scratches or damage to surfaces or coatings · machin...

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