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Brunox Turbo Spray lubricant

Brunox spray is able to enter into the finest fissures and interspaces, such as e.g. rusted-in screw connections. Thanks to its excellent creep capabi...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 9,30 EUR 6,45 EUR Alapár : 21,50 EUR / l

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Rema Tip Top TT09 e-bike puncture repair kit

The TT09 repair kit by Tip Top is the perfect choice for the repair of e-bike tyres. A leak detector allows you to find the puncture in the bicycle tu...

helyett 8,95 EUR 7,95 EUR

F100 E-bike chain oil - new formula –

The F100 e-bike chain oil with a new formula promises extra high protection from wear for highly stressed e-bike chains and electric contacts. Drivetr...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 8,99 EUR -tól7,95 EUR Alapár : 15,90 EUR / 100ml

Super B Lockring Tool TB-1067 for Bosch Active and Performance Line

The Super B Classic Lockring Tool is a precisely fitting tool for mounting and removing the lockring of Spider / chainring. The TB-1067 version is sui...

24,90 EUR

Dynamic e-bike chain lubricant

The Dynamic e-bike chain lubricant helps you protect the chain for your electric bike that is subject to heavy load. The chain wear is significantly r...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 10,90 EUR 8,90 EUR

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Tunap Sports e-bike cleaner

Carefree cleaning. With the Tunap Sports e-bike cleaner you can thoroughly clean your e-bike without having to worry about its sensitive electronics....

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 16,95 EUR 15,95 EUR

Muc-Off E-Bike Waterless Wash bike cleaner

Electronic components and water don’t go well together – and to make sure you don’t have to expose your beloved bicycle or e-bike to water more often...

14,99 EUR Alapár : 19,99 EUR / l

Hanseline pole grease acid protection grease

With the Hanseline pole grease, your bike won’t suddenly lack power. It maintains the conductibility of the battery poles and protects them durably. T...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 2,95 EUR 2,25 EUR Alapár : 4,50 EUR / 100ml

Finish Line e-bike cleaner

As the electronics and motors of e-bikes are extremely sensitive to dust, it's extremely important to clean it regularly. The cleaner, however, should...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 9,99 EUR 5,45 EUR Alapár : 13,13 EUR / l

Tunap Sports E-bike chain oil

Keeps the chain running smoothly: The high-quality e-bike chain lube by Tunap Sports reduces friction, prevents corrosion and ensures a smoothly and q...

10,95 EUR Alapár : 8,76 EUR / 100ml

Muc-Off E-Bike Dry Chain Cleaner

Developed to save electronic drivetrain components of high-quality e-bikes and pedelecs from taking a bath, the E-Bike Dry Chain Cleaner by Muc-Off cl...

12,99 EUR Alapár : 25,98 EUR / l

Muc-Off E-Bike Ultra Corrosion Defence

If you can’t get around cleaning your beloved e-bike or pedelec with water, EBike Ultra Corrosion Defence by Muc-Off will ensure you don’t have to wor...

17,99 EUR Alapár : 37,09 EUR / l

Muc-Off E-Bike Wet Lube

The powerful drive units of modern e-bikes and pedelecs apply hi-torque loads to the chain. The Muc-Off E-Bike Wet Lube is specifically designed for e...

7,99 EUR

Tunap Sports E-bike cleaner for chain and cassette

Always clean your drivetrain components before lubricating! Removing dust and dirt before lubricating chain and cassette is very important to prevent...

12,95 EUR

Super B Lockring Tool TB-1069 for Bosch and Brose

High-quality CNC machined lock ring tool by Super B to fit and remove chainring lock rings of Bosch Active Line Plus, Bosch Active Line 3rd Generation...

22,90 EUR

Muc-Off E-Bike All-Weather Lube

The powerful drive units of modern e-bikes and pedelecs apply hi-torque loads to the chain. The Muc-Off E-Bike All-Weather Lube is specifically design...

13,99 EUR

Muc-Off E-Bike Dry Lube

The powerful drive units of modern e-bikes and pedelecs apply hi-torque loads to the chain. The Muc-Off E-Bike Dry Lube is specifically designed for e...

7,99 EUR
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