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ASSOS assos chamois cream

You should ideally apply the ASSOS chamois cream to your ASSOS seat pad after every second wash. This will keep your pad supple, elastic and antibacte...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 16,00 EUR 13,95 EUR Alapár : 9,96 EUR / 100ml

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EULE Eule's butt cream

Eule's butt cream has been developed in cooperation with T-Mobile physical therapist Dieter "Eule" Rutenberg and is a cycling seat cream based on milk...

16,95 EUR Alapár : 6,78 EUR / 100ml

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Sixtus Chamois cream

For intensive care and the prevention of saddle sores, prevents chafing and protects from inflammation. Content: 100 ml (basic price 1 l = € 99,50) C...

-tól4,95 EUR Alapár : 16,50 EUR / 100ml

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mawaii SunCare Outdoor sun protection

Stay protected during your next outdoor activities. mawaii offers you a special suncream for use in sports that is water- and sweat-resistant and qui...

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helyett 12,90 EUR -tól9,95 EUR Alapár : 13,27 EUR / 100ml

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GONSO chamois cream

Care product for synthetic seat pads, for application directly on the skin. Special herbal extracts and vitamin E protect against chafing. Content: 1...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 7,95 EUR 6,95 EUR

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Rub the oil over your skin for preparation and warm-up. Helps prevent muscle pain, sore muscles and muscle cramps. Content: 200 ml plastic bottle with...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 16,95 EUR 14,95 EUR Alapár : 7,48 EUR / 100ml

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Xenofit Second Skin sports cream

Second Skin - the natural product. Directions for use: Apply the sports cream generously to prevent pressure sores or chafing. Ideal for all athletes...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 5,90 EUR 4,75 EUR Alapár : 3,80 EUR / 100ml


The CHAMOIS CRÈME WOMAN by assos ensures more comfort on long distances. The cream with a low percentage of essential oils protects from friction and...

11,00 EUR Alapár : 14,67 EUR / 100ml

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The right body care after the tour. Cleans, refreshes, relaxes; pH-neutral, mild and moisturizing. Contents: 200 ml plastic tube (Basic price 1 l € 3...

6,95 EUR Alapár : 3,48 EUR / 100ml

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ASSOS skinRepair gel

The ASSOS skinRepair gel promises fast skin regeneration in the stressed seat area. Also suitable for very sensitive skin. Details: • Long-lasting e...

21,00 EUR

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Ballistol Neo-Ballistol home remedy

Neo Ballistol home remedy with essential oils is proven as massage oil as well as for skin care and wound care. It consists of time-proven and natural...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 7,26 EUR 4,95 EUR

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mawaii FaceCare sports suncream

The mawaii FaceCare sports suncream is especially developed for outdoor athletes who like to be out in the nature and who place a high importance on a...

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helyett 12,90 EUR -tól9,95 EUR Alapár : 13,27 EUR / 100ml

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Cyclon Hand Cleaner

A very strong hand cleaner for the removal of heavy industrial soiling e.g. through paint, tar and adhesive. Also suitable for soiling that might occu...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 7,95 EUR 7,50 EUR Alapár : 25,00 EUR / l


Activates blood flow in the skin, prevents sore muscles. Apply to strained muscles after sports and rub in gently. Content: 200 ml plastic bottle wit...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 12,95 EUR 9,95 EUR Alapár : 4,98 EUR / 100ml

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Revitalising formula for use after sports. Vitalizes and refreshes the skin. Content: 100 ml Airless pump dispenser* (Basic price 1 l € 99,50) Airl...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 9,95 EUR 7,95 EUR

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Ballistol Stichfrei Kids mosquito repellent

The Stichfrei Kids insect repellent protects you up to 4 hours from mosquitoes, ticks and gadflies. The lotion moisturizes your skin and is tested der...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 4,27 EUR 1,95 EUR Alapár : 6,50 EUR / 100ml

mawaii AllWeather Wind & Cold Protection SPF 30 sports suncream

Over a longer period, direct sunlight can harm your skin in any weather and any season. Organic aloe vera, panthenol (provitamin B5) and vitamin E su...

Változat: SPF 30

helyett 15,90 EUR 12,95 EUR Alapár : 17,27 EUR / 100ml

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Fast preparation for sports. Increases the effectiveness of warm-up massages. Is quickly absorbed by the skin and has a particularly nourishing effec...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 10,95 EUR 8,50 EUR

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Ballistol Stichfrei mosquito repellent

The Ballistol insect repellent Stichfrei for use in tropical areas protects you for up to 8 hours against gnats, ticks, mosquitos, gadflies etc. Besid...

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 5,33 EUR -tól2,45 EUR