CARESS Child Seat with CARRIER Luggage Rack Adapter

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CARESS Child Seat with CARRIER Luggage Rack Adapter
CARESS Child Seat with CARRIER Luggage Rack Adapter

HAMAX CARESS Child Seat with CARRIER Luggage Rack Adapter

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Protect what matters most to you! With the HAMAX CARESS with CARRIER adapter for installation on the luggage rack, the child's safety comes first. When developing this bike seat, special consideration was given to the protection of the head through more support, improved lateral arm protection as well as the protection of the feet.

The mounting bracket is not mounted on the frame tube (seat tube), so that e-bikes and other bikes with very large frame tube diameters can also be used without special holding systems. The included HAMAX CARRIER adapter offers a simple way to attach a child seat to the luggage rack.

With the HAMAX luggage rack adapter, the CARESS bicycle seat can be used for almost all bicycles with a compatible luggage rack. The struts must be round. For other strut shapes, make sure that the support adapter has a secure hold and a tight fit.

Attention! The CARRIER adapter for the luggage rack is not compatible with the CARESS predecessor model and cannot be mounted on it (recognisable by the double suspension). Likewise, the old adapter cannot be fitted to the current CARESS child seats.
Reclining function:
The integrated HAMAX folding system with rotary knob can be used to set a 20° inclined sleeping position for the child.
Shoulder pads:
The shoulder pads provide additional comfort and make it easier to put on the seat belt.

Backrest: The adjustable back system allows the height of the back support to be adjusted to the shoulder height of the child so that the child seat grows with the child.

Helmet recess:
The helmet recess ensures optimum comfort when wearing a bike helmet (recommended).

Reflectors on the back of the child seat increase visibility in the dark.

• Meets the European standard EN 14344:2022 for increased safety for children's bicycle seats
• For mounting on a compatible luggage rack, especially an e-bike luggage rack
• Can be locked at the mounting brackets with the supplied key
• Integrated suspension for maximum comfort
• Ergonomic seat with comfortable back padding (removable)
• 3-point safety belt with infinite length adjustment
• Safety buckle with push button (cannot be opened by children)
• Shoulder strap can be adjusted in width at the backrest (two levels)
• Footrests can be easily adjusted in height
• Length-adjustable, quick-release foot straps
• Minimum age (of child): 9 months According to German road traffic regulations (StVO), children may be transported on bikes up to the age of seven years.

Technical details:
• Maximum load of the seat: 22 kg
• Installation: Rack*
• Luggage rack width: 120 - 180 mm
• Strut Ø: 10 - 20 mm (struts must be round!)
• Load capacity of the luggage rack: min. 25 kg load
• Dimensions (WxHxD) approx.: 36.5 x 94 x 28 cm
• Weight: approx. 4.55 kg

In the box:

The CARRIER ADAPTER for the luggage rack is not compatible with the previous model.
The luggage rack MUST be suitable for mounting the HAMAX CARRIER ADAPTER!

In addition, the luggage rack must be tested and approved in accordance with EN 11243 (min. 25 kg)!
The total load of the seat incl. child and luggage must not exceed the maximum permissible load of the luggage rack! Please also note the max. load of the bike!

You will find the matching CARRIER ADAPTER for mounting at the luggage rack of a second bike under prod. code 234349201.

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