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Padrone Digital Wireless CC-PA400B Bluetooth Bike Computer

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Padrone Digital Wireless CC-PA400B Bluetooth Bike Computer


Cikkszám: 232228701

79,95 EUR Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 109,95 EUR

Bruttó ár Hozzáadás 9,95 EUR (szállítás Magyarország)

Szín: schwarz

Szállítási idő, 1 hét

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The Padrone Digital Wireless CC-PA400B bike computer by Cateye can be used as a stand-alone solution or in combination with a smartphone and app.

This means you can set it up and use it completely on its own or sync the unit to a compatible Android or Apple smartphone and the Cateye Cycling App via Bluetooth for more features. When connected to a smartphone, you can for example import a summary of ride data and upload it to Cateye Atlas, STRAVA or Trainingspeaks.* Besides, the app allows for easy setup. In addition, you can pair the cycle computer with up to three external Bluetooth sensors for speed, cadence and heart rate.

During and after your ride, all the data you need, such as current speed or trip distance, are displayed on the large 3-row screen of the Padrone Digital Wireless. The easy to read screen provides up to four data displays.

The package includes a speed and cadence sensor that easily pairs with the Padrone Digital Wireless via Bluetooth. When using a compatible, optional heart rate sensor you can also capture your heart rate. With the ClickTec™ button interface you can easily change the function displayed in the bottom row of the screen to keep track of all your ride data.

• Wireless bike computer with Bluetooth transmission and large screen
• Initial setup and change of settings possible with or without smartphone (Android and Apple smartphones)*
• Additional features with the Cateye Cycling App (e.g. upload of ride data to STRAVA, Training Peaks or Cateye Atlas)
• Large three-row screen with four data displays
• ClickTec™ button interface for changing the displayed data
• Flexible handlebar/stem mounting bracket included
• Speed and cadence sensor included

• Current /average/maximum speed (0-105.9 km/h; 0.0-65.8 mph)
• Tour route/trip distance 1 (0.00-999.99 km/mi)
• Tour route/trip distance 2 (0.00-99,999.9 km/mi)
• Total distance (0.00 - 99,999.9 km/mi)
• Adjustable tyre rolling circumference (100 mm-3,999 mm, default: 2,096 mm)
• Time moving (0 - 99:59’59”)
• Current/average/maximum cadence (0-255 revolutions per minute)
• Current/average/maximum heart rate with optional heart rate sensor (0-255 beats per minute)
• Clock (12h or 24h)
• Pace arrows (increasing/reducing current speed)
• Automatic start/stop
• Battery charge indicator
• Automatic energy saving mode
• Programmable display
• Automatic recognition of external sensors (Bluetooth 4.0)

Optional features when using the Cateye Cycling App (connection with smartphone required):*
• Initial setup and change of settings of the Cateye Padrone Digital Wireless CC-PA400B (e.g. pairing a new sensor or changing the tyre size)
• Display of all ride data stored in the cycle computer
• Import of completed rides and their upload to Cateye Atlas, Strava or Trainingspeaks (link to existing user accounts required)
• Backing up the activity list to Google Drive (Android) or iCloud Drive (Apple)

Technical details:
• Transmission standard: wireless (Bluetooth 4.0)
• Display type: Liquid crystal display (LCD)
• Battery type: CR2032 (computer and sensor each need one button cell)
• Battery life: up to 4 months (bike computer), up to 5 months (speed and cadence sensor)
• Dimensions: approx. 67.5 mm x 43 mm x 15.6 mm (computer); approx. 70.4 mm x 86.3 mm x 23.5 mm (sensor)
• Weight: approx. 30 g (computer), approx. 19.2 g (sensor)

In the box:
• 1 Cateye Padrone Digital Wireless CC-PA400B bike computer incl. CR2032 battery
• 1 Cateye FlexTight handlebar/stem mounting bracket
• 1 Cateye ISC-12 speed and cadence sensor incl. CR2032 battery
• 1 spoke magnet
• 1 crank magnet
• 5 zip ties


You can find a list of all devices that are confirmed by Cateye to work properly with the Cateye Cycling App here: https://cateye.com/data/resources/cc_compatible_device_pa400b.pdf
You can also use the Padrone Digital Wireless without a smartphone. However, using the Cateye Cycling App will give you access to additional features.

Cateye recommends the use of their own Bluetooth sensors for speed, cadence and/or heart rate measurement. Third-party sensors that support the Bluetooth 4.0 standard are basically also compatible with the Padrone Digital Wireless CC-PA400B bike computer. However, Cateye does NOT ensure that all combinations will work!

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