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Blueline 50 E-Bike Front Light 6-12 V

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Blueline 50 E-Bike Front Light 6-12 V


Cikkszám: 231064701

27,95 EUR Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 41,95 EUR

Bruttó ár Hozzáadás 9,95 EUR (szállítás Magyarország)

Szín: schwarz

Szállítási idő, 1 hét

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The AXA Blueline 50 e-bike front light is meant for use with modern pedelecs with a direct current power supply (DC) of 6 to 12 volts. So the headlight is compatible with many conventional e-bikes.

The compact front light from AXA has a light output of up to 50 lux, a front reflector, as well as two cut-outs on the sides so that the light shines through and increases your visibility in road traffic.
With the stable steel bracket, the Blueline 50 e-bike light can be securely attached to the compatible headlight bracket of your fork. Using the two built-in swivel joints, you can adjust the angle of the front light towards the street and profit from the additional illumination of the AXA Blueline 50 e-bike headlight.

• E-bike headlight for pedelecs with direct current power supply (DC) of 6 to 12 volts
• Bright and durable high-power LED
• Integrated front reflector and light cut-outs on the sides for good visibility
• Stable and adjustable bracket
• StVZO approved for all types of bikes

Technical details:
• Power supply (e-bike*): direct current (DC) of 6 to 12 volt
• Light output: up to 50 lux
• Light modes: 1 (permanent light; controlled over pedelec on-board electronics)
• Light beam: up to 70 m
• Visibility: up to 4000 m
• Integrated reflector
• Dimensions: approx. 100 mm (height) x 50 mm (width) x 90 mm (depth)
• Weight: approx. 100 g

The front light is compatible with a direct current power source (DC) of 6 to 12 volts. Some e-bikes can provide this, but NOT all do!
For the exact voltage supply of your e-bike lighting system, please check beforehand with the respective manufacturer.
NOT suitable for Dynamo!
NOT approved for e-bikes with a speed above 25 km/h or speed pedelecs!

In the box:
• 1 AXA Blueline 50 e-bike 6-12 V LED bike light incl. fork bracket

Manufacturer`s ref.:
93952095 SB
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