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Rear wheel hub broken? We offer a huge range of wheel hubs

For smooth running: Rear hubs for MTBs, road bikes and touring bikes

The rear wheel hub is composed of the axle with two lock nuts, a free-wheel body, the quick-release, bearing and bearing case, a seal system for the bearings and the brake disc mount. The free-wheel body is the receptacle for the cassette, it is mostly compatible with 7-/8-/9-/10-speed cassettes. The brake disc mount on the other side is available in 2 versions. A centerlock version and a 6-hole version, depending on the brake disc. The free-wheel body and the axle are made of steel, the casing is made of high-grade aluminium. The bearing surfaces are precisely polished for an optimal and smooth running. All parts for the rear wheel hub standard are available in this category.