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    Ultra Sports ROSE Racing Team


    Team kerékpá 2012




    A csapat


    Steffen Thum és Simon Gegenheimer az ULTRA SPORTS ROSE RACING TEAM  színeiben küzdenek világkupa pontokért cross-country versenyeken. Egyedi kerékpárokat állítunk a két versenyző rendelkezésére, amik az ő elvárásainak megfelelően vannak kialakítva.

    Célok 2012
    Mindkét versenyző már sikeresen kvalifikálta magát a 2012-es maraton világbajnokságra és egy siekres szezonnak néznek elébe.

    Csapat sikerek 2011/2012:

    • Legeredményesebb csapat a Marathon World Series 2011/2012-n
    • 1. hely UCI Marathon World Serie
    • 5. hely UCI Marathon World Serie
    • 2. hely Marathon World Series, Lovran
    • Sprint német bajnok
    • 3. hely sprint világkupa, Houffalize
    • 3. hely sprint világkupa, Offenburg
    • 1. hely sprint Erzgebirges Bike Marathon
    • 2. hely tavaszi klasszikus Münsingen
    • 3. hely Albstadt Bike Marathon Sprint
    • 1. hely Trans Germany Sprint
    • Brasil-Ride sárga trikó
    • Brasil-Ride szakaszgyőzelmek
    • 7 verseny a német válogatott színeiben

    A versenyzők:


    Steffen Thum
    Simon Gegenheimer

    Steffen Thum

    Steffen Thum

    Date of birth: 13.07.1984
    Place of residence: Warthelandstr. 68, 73431 Aalen
    Education: A-levels
    Studies: International Management
    Cycling sports since: 1999


    • 2nd place, U23 German Championship
    • 42nd place, U23 World Championship, Rotorua
    • 64th place, World Cup, Madrid
    • 3rd place, overall standings U23 Bundesliga


    • 13th place, European Championship Marathon, St. Wendel
    • 1st place, Baden-Württemberg Championship Elite, Hausach
    • 2nd place, Marathon, Münsingen


    • 7th place, German Championship Elite, St. Märgen
    • 5th place, overall standings Bundesliga
    • 2nd place, overall standings, Bundesliga sprint
    • 1st place, Bundesliga sprint Bad Salzdetfurth
    • 3rd place, Trans Germany


    • 2nd place Ruhrbike Festival
    • 17th place Sunshine Cup


    • 9. hely, World Series, Grand Raid/Svájc 
    • 12. hely, World Series, Kirchberg/Ausztria 
    • 12. hely, World Series, Frejus/Franciaország  
    • 12. hely, World Series, Ornans/Franciaország 
    • 1. hely, Brasil-Ride Prológ, Brazilia 
    • 5. hely, Black Forest Bike Marathon, Kirchzarten/Németország 
    • 3. hely, Erzgebirgs Bike Marathon Seiffen/Németország 
    • 9. hely, Bundesliga-Sprint, Heubach/Németország


    • 1. hely Marathon World Series 2011/2012
    • 2. hely, World Series, Lovran/Horvátország
    • 9. hely, World Series, Graz/Ausztria
    • 17. hely, World Series, Laissac/Franciaország
    • 2. hely, XC-Battle, Kaprun/Ausztria
    • 3. hely, Tavaszi maraton, Münsingen/Németország
    • 6. hely, UCI-C2, Karkloof-Howick/Dél-Afrika

    Targets 2011
    Repeating our national top performances at an international level, too. In 2011, I would like to be among Germany’s top five riders in the World Cup circus. That would mean World Cup results around place 30, which would allow me to fight for Olympia tickets in the following year 2012. Besides the World Cup, the two stage races Trans Alp and Trans Germany will be further important events for Simon and me. We would like to finish at least one stage on the podium at each of the two events. 

    Sportive career
    I tried out diverse sports in my younger days, ranging from ski racing to show jumping and tennis tournaments. I was looking for an occupation, which would give me the opportunity to really reach my physical limits. Then, after I had won my first bike race (on a borrowed bike), I knew that I had found it. My body was full of adrenaline, every muscle hurt and I was absolutely happy at the same time. Everything went quite fast afterwards. Within three years, I was able to move on from the state cycling team to the youth national team. I became Germany’s runner-up champion and one of Europe’s top three marathon riders in the U23 age group. Nowadays, as a pro, my enthusiasm is at least as strong as it was when I was 15 years old and started cycling. I still love to max out my physical limits and to reach the targets I have set myself. In the future, these targets will be sportive, as well as organisational ones: building up the ULTRASPORTS ROSE RACINGTEAM for me means building up a pro team, which lives qualities like team spirit, mutual motivation and a sense of togetherness like no other team and which will realise fair, sportive success for all participants.

    Now a few more casual questions and answers to liven up this portrait a little bit:

    Favourite dish:
    pizza (with hot salami, anchovies, olives and fresh tomatoes)

    Favourite drink:

    everything made of coffee beans

    Favourite track:
    the faster the better, like the one at the Madrid World Cup

    Favourite training region:
    Mallorca, which has everything I need for my training: mountains, flat roads, cafés and sun - and Simon as a training partner of course

    Favourite training:
    races are the best training

    Toughest training:
    everything in bad weather, I can’t bear that, you could almost call me a fair weather biker

    Sportive preferences:
    workhorse – I am always well and strategically prepared and I never give up

    Sportive weaknesses:
    I guess I wasn’t born with a sportive talent

    What annoys me:
    full jersey pockets, an absolute no go

    About me:
    optimistic, even in desperate situations

    Absolutely not acceptable:

    I recharge my batteries when:
    having a good dinner with my girlfriend


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