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    bike friends SCHON

    Cycling holidays on Mallorca 



    bikefriends schon GmbH
    Hehn 377
    D-41069 Mönchengladbach

    Phone +49 (0) 2161.30 49 575
    Fax +49 (0) 2161.30 48 771



    Dear friends of cycling,

    a long-standing wish has come true. After 42 years of Mallorca Radsportwochen, I have taken over the business from H.W. Kolling in 2007. 

    As a cycling athlete (triathlete), I have had a special bond with the island for more than 25 years now. My experienced team and I are looking forward to organising untroubled cycling holidays for you.
    We would like to offer individual, high-quality cycling holidays, no mass cycling. Some novelties, even higher quality and more service will be introduced to assure unforgettable holidays.

    Everyone should feel good!

    Are you...

    * a licence or amateur cyclist...
    * a triathlete for short or long distances (heated pool 33 metres) ...
    * preparing for organised bicycle tours (RTF) or other special tours...
    * a hobby cyclist "for the fun of it" ...
    * a hobby cyclist who wants to improve basic condition ...
    * interested in getting to know Alcudia's surroundings... 
    * a beginner who would like to start cycling ...
    * involved in a health program …
    * interested in cycling events and a little more?

    Then we are the ones for you!


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