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Silva Trail Speed 4XT Battery-Powered Helmet Light 1200 Lumens

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Ajánlott fogyasztói ár 229,95 EUR 134,95 EUR

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The Trail Speed 4XT by Silva is a lightweight, compact aluminium headlamp offering the perfect balance of strong light, battery power and high comfort. With a power of up to 1200 lumens, it is ideal for fast alpine sports or fast-paced mountain bike rides where you need lightweight gear and bright lights.
You can use the Trail Speed 4XT as a headlamp with the included headband or as a helmet light to brighten up your ride. The anti-slip headband and ergonomically designed neck plate ensure a comfortable fit, even with the rechargeable battery attached. Various mounting options of headlamp and external battery pack make the light suitable for a wide range of activities. Apart from a helmet mount, the light comes supplied with a Velcro strap to attach the power battery to your belt or bike.

A waterproof light and battery housing provides best protection from the elements in any terrain. The large on/off button makes the headlamp easy to operate, even when wearing wet and dirty gloves. Featuring clever light modes and safety features, it reliably guides you over the route ahead. Therefore, the functional headlamp features the Intelligent Light® technology that optimizes the light pattern by the unique combination of a wide beam of light in front of you and a long reach spot light. With less head movements, you gain a clear view of your surroundings, nearby obstacles and the road ahead. This gives you the safety you need to ride fast, without having to fear any dark fields.

For runners, skiers or mountain bikers, this means less head movements for an improved balanced and increased speed. Besides, the ingenious Silva Flow Light provides a seamless tuning of the light pattern for your favourite sport. Simply tilting the light downwards makes the beam wider to brighten up slower activities. When tilting the headlamp upwards, the light reaches longer to provide perfect vision when you move fast. And if no maximum light power is required, you can use the energy-saving mode for extensive training sessions and races. There is also a low battery warning and reserve mode, which automatically adjusts the light to a setting that ensures that you get back home safely.

• 2x high-power LEDs
• Max. luminous flux: approx. 1200 lumens
• Big on/off switch, can also be operated with gloves on
• 4 light modes: Maximum, Medium, Minimum, Blinking
• Wide, comfortable anti-slip headband (machine washable at max. 40 °C)
• Adjustable tilt and beam angle
• Beam range: up to 160 m (1200 lm), up to 80 m (600 lm), up to 40 m (80 lm)
• Max. battery life at -5°C: approx 20 hrs (80 lm), 5 hrs (600 lm), 2 hrs (1200 lm)
• Max. battery life at 20°C: approx. 20 hrs (80 lm), 7,5 hrs (600 lm), 5 hrs (1200 lm)
• SILVA Intelligent Light: Combines a bright central spot light with a long reach and a wide beam of light ahead of you
• Energy saving mode: For a long battery life, when no special illumination is required
• SILVA Flow Light: Adjustment of the light pattern for different activities by tilting the lamp body
• Auto super-low mode (80 lm): When battery capacity is below 15%. 1 h operating time in energy saving mode (manually adjustable)
• Temperature control function: Reduction of the current flow protects from overheating
• Operating temperature range from -20 °C to +60 °C
• Powerful lithium-ion battery 7.4 V with 3.3 Ah
• Can be charged via USB
• Charging time: approx. 4 hrs
• Battery charge indicator LEDs and low battery alert (< 25% battery capacity)
• Waterproof rating: Headlamp and battery IP X5 (protected against hose water)
• True Lumen: Luminous flux is measured 30 seconds after switching on, in accordance with the ANSI/NEMA FL1 standard
• Material: BS, aluminium, PC, TPU
• Weight: approx. 243 g (incl. battery)

In the box:
• Trail Speed 4XT headlamp
• Ergonomic headband
• Hard battery pack
• USB charging cable
• Extension cable
• Helmet mount

Battery life depends on the ambient temperature. It may be reduced significantly in very high or low temperatures around zero.

The SILVA Connection System offers additional flexibility to use any SILVA Li-Ion battery from 2008. Provided that the connection cable is suitable for the Silva headlamp, you can use the battery pack in combination with the light.


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Trail Speed 4XT Battery-Powered Helmet Light 1200 Lumens

Beeindruckende Leuchtkraft bei beeindruckend hohem Preis. Habe das Gerät in erster Linie als Helmlampe für MTB erworben, nutze es aber auch zum Laufen. Die Leuchtkraft ist beeindruckend, die Winternacht wird fast zum Tag und unwegsames Terrain ist auch bei Dunkelheit kein Problem mehr. Auch die (abschaltbare) Anpassung des Lichtfokus ist sehr gut gelungen. Für's Laufen ist der mitgelieferte Akku tendenziell fast zu schwer, Hier empfiehlt sich ggf. die Nutzung eines leichteren kompatiblen Silva-Akkus/Batteriepacks. Warum nun ein Stern Abzug? Zum einen wegen des zu hohen Preises. Der steht einfach in keiner Relation zur Leistung. Zum anderen wegen der tatsächlichen Nutzbarkeit: der stärkste der drei Leuchtmodi reduziert bereits nach kurzer Zeit seine Leuchtkraft. An einer Überhitzung sollte es eigentlich nicht liegen, Umgebungstemperatur lag bei ca. 2 Grad. Ich fürchte fast, dass der Akku die für die sehr starke Leuchtkraft erforderliche Leistung nicht lange liefern kann. Insgesamt definitiv besser als die Cross-Trail-Serie, allerdings nicht perfekt.