• 50,000 azonnal szállítható termék
  • Ingyenes visszaküldés (minden EU országban)
  • Egyéni kerékpár vásárlási tanácsadás
  • 30 napos visszavásárlás
  • Minden kerékpárt Németországban szerelnek össze


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Classy, fast, elegant – can you move through the city with more style than on the EDELROSE METREA? This bike comes with the look of a messenger bike and is equipped with the latest technology. Not only is the bike an absolute head turner, but it is also lightning-fast, thanks to its racing bike genes. The bike’s base is an approx. 1280 grams light, race-proven aluminium frame. The EDELROSE enters the fray – a classy companion and a high-performance athlete in one. It comes with Shimano’s new METREA groupset, technically probably the best urban cycling specific groupset in the world. Developed for cyclists who want minimalistic, timeless and powerful technology – altogether with a touch of exclusiveness. You will find all this in our EDELROSE METREA, including an impressive appearance in the city and countryside!

EDELROSE METREA – enthusiasm wanted!