• 50,000 azonnal szállítható termék
  • Ingyenes visszaküldés (minden EU országban)
  • Egyéni kerékpár vásárlási tanácsadás
  • 30 napos visszavásárlás
  • Minden kerékpárt Németországban szerelnek össze

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When you want to extract that last percentage of performance, an aerodynamic frame can give you the decisive advantage. Our XEON CWX Disc is designed for all demanding cyclists who do not want to do without a high-performance disc brake. Here is where a high technical standard and unquestioning commitment merge together. Special attention should be given to the full carbon fork that is equipped with a FlatMount disc brake mount and a 12 mm thru axle in order to be able to withstand high forces. The frame is made of T30/40 fibre and not only stands out for a low weight but also for great stiffness values. The reason for this is a specially developed carbon fibre layup that takes full advantage of the material carbon. The effective disc brake convinces on long downhill sections as well as in bad weather. It turns the XEON CWX Disc into a high-tech racer and is a clear statement with regards to riding safety.

XEON CWX DISC – a lot of technology at an attractive price!