Continental Grand Prix 5000
The King is dead, long live the King!

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Grand Prix 4000 S II’s Reign has come to an end – Continental ceases the production of the popular all-round tyre, even though it is still a reference among all road bike tyres available on the market. Instead, the rubber specialists from Germany decided to immediately launch a successor model with the Continental Grand Prix 5000 – and a tubeless ready one!

So far, the German premium brand hasn’t had any tubeless ready road bike tyres in their product range. Apart from the classic clincher version of the Grand Prix 5000 as an improved folding tyre version, Continental is now following with the tubeless version Grand Prix 5000 TL and thus confirms the company’s ambition to stay among the world’s leading manufacturer’s of high-performance road bike tyres.

Simply Better

Rolling resistance, puncture resistance, comfort, weight... compared to the previous model, the Continental Grand Prix 5000 offers the next step of evolution in all areas. Continental’s own test laboratory reports the tyre offers approx. 12% less rolling resistance, 20% more puncture resistance and much more comfort thanks to the improved Active Comfort Technology that is integrated into the 3-layer casing structure. This is where it absorbs most of the vibration directly at source and thus improves the ride feel. On top of all this, Continental has reduced the weight of the Grand Prix 5000 by about 10 grams compared to the 4000 S II (at a width of 25 mm).

Black Chili Compound – A Proven Compound with a new Formula

High grip and low rolling resistance are mutually exclusive. The combination of both always requires a compromise. For the development of the Grand Prix 5000, Continental has improved the formula of the proven Black Chili Compound to achieve a perfect balance between stiffness and stability to get a tyre with optimized rolling resistance that is yet soft enough to offer maximum traction.

Laser Grip – Obi-Wan-Style

To increase grip in fast-taken corners, Continental has given the Grand Prix 5000 a Laser Grip shoulder tread. This micro tread structure is engraved on the rubber surface with a laser for high forgiveness and control when cornering.

Vectran™ Breaker – There when you need it.

Everybody wants it... Maximum puncture resistance. However, nobody wants additional weight. The Vectran™ Breaker puncture protection insert of the Continental Grand Prix 5000 is inspired by enormously tear-resistant spider silk and made of a synthetically manufactured high-tech fibre consisting of liquid-crystalline polymer (LCP). The resistant, densely woven fibre creates an enormously resistant protective layer against punctures and cuts, without adding a lot of extra weight.

Tube or Tubeless – Spoilt for Choice... or Not?

Continental confirms that the Grand Prix 5000 TL offers approx. 5% less rolling resistance compared to the classic folding tyre version for use with tubes. Besides, the lower rolling resistance additionally increases comfort. The special Tubeless Ready Bead ensures an airtight seal between the bead of the tyre and the rim of the wheel. Thus, the Grand Prix 5000 TL is generally compatible with all road bike specific tubeless ready rims and reliably stays in position even under heavy load. Thanks to an additional inner liner, the tyre also provides an airtight seal without adding tyre sealant. Yet, Continental recommends using their own Revo Sealant to benefit from maximum puncture protection.

So, if you already have tubeless compatible wheels, we’d definitely recommend you to go for the tubeless version of the Grand Prix 5000. Why doing without additional performance?