•  50,000 azonnal szállítható termék
  •  Ingyenes visszaküldés (minden EU országban)
  •  Egyéni kerékpár vásárlási tanácsadás
  •  30 napos visszavásárlás
  •  Minden kerékpárt Németországban szerelnek össze


The bikes industry is booming and creating new challenges for us

Bike riding is more popular than ever! Whether it’s e-bikes, road bikes or mountain bikes – the number of people swinging into the saddle is getting bigger and bigger. Even though we are delighted by the huge interest, this new situation has created some challenges that we are solving one by one.


We want to say thank you

for your understanding

By placing your trust in us, you are showing how important bike riding is to you. Unfortunately, right now you are waiting longer than usual for your order and experiencing limitations in our customer service. For this we are truly sorry, as it does not meet our aspirations. Behind the scenes we are doing everything to provide transparent, personal, and speedy assistance for your requests. We ask for your patience.

Bike Delivery Times

Why you are currently waiting longer for your bike

  • Increased supply bottlenecks
    Increased supply bottlenecks

    We are waiting much longer than usual for frames and parts, sometimes our expected deliveries are completely cancelled.

  • Higher demand
    Higher demand

    In these Corona times, more and more people are discovering the joys of bike riding. The entire industry is having delays in keeping up with the demand.

  • Limited capacities
    Limited capacities

    Many of our employees are still working under strict hygiene guidelines, which is limiting our bike production capacities.

  • Assembly by hand
    Assembly by hand

    Your bike is assembled by our mechanics by hand according to your specifications, to ensure the best quality.


We are doing everything we can to bring our delivery times back on course

So that your order of parts, accessories, and clothing items reaches you as soon as possible, we are offering partial delivery. That way our logistics team can already send you the available items. While the rest will be shipped later. We have also moved away from bicycle configurations - so that your new bike reaches you more quickly. In addition, we are now cooperating more with external partners that will support us with bicycle assembly.

Customer Service Reachability

Even if it takes us a bit longer, no request will go unanswered!


We are always here for you

Our customer service has been recognized in past years for its top qualities - and this is what keeps us going each and every day. But because of the current bicycle boom we are receiving three times as many emails and calls than last year - so you’ve been having to wait longer for a response. In addition, some colleagues are working from home, which has unfortunately led to a reduction in our phone call availability.


We will answer every question!

It doesn’t matter if you contact us via email, chat or through our social media channels. New hires have joined our teams and are working hand in hand with us to process the many requests. Also, you can use the chat feature and our FAQ to get help on many different topics. Our only request is that you stick to just one channel for your communications with us. The reason being that if you send multiple requests, this slows down the response time.

Tips for quick help

Here you can find some helpful tips for getting a quick answer to your question:

  • Send us an email

    For general questions or information about your order, please write an email.

Here you can find answers to questions we frequently receive:

  • Are you experiencing delays with your order of technology, accessories or clothing items?

  • Have there been changes to the return policies?

  • Are there delays with the processing of returns?

  • What about Click & Collect orders?

  • What precautions are we taking to actively prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus?