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BORDO™ 6500A/110 SmartX SH Folding Lock

Cikkszám: 231147001


Bruttó ár Hozzáadás 2,95 EUR (szállítás Magyarország)


dispatch time 4 days


Robust as a rock and smart, too: The ABUS BORDO ™ 6500A SmartX SH folding lock gives your expensive bike pure security and ensures modern and easy handling.
It scores the highest ABUS security level of 15 for maximum protection against attempts to break it. In addition, it makes unlocking and locking child's play, as it can be operated completely without a key. The only thing you need to open or close the BORDO™ 6500A SmartX is your smartphone with the free ABUS app for iOS or Android installed.

The smart folding lock can be paired with multiple phones, so that friends or family members can also use the “keyless” bike lock. As soon as the SmartX™ senses a paired mobile phone in close range, the lock can be opened via the app. In the ABUS app you can assign various permissions as the administrator, from unlimited access to a limited timeframe.
The 6500A SmartX™ folding lock is also equipped with an intelligent alarm feature that produces an alarm tone for shocks of 100 dB or more when activated. The alarm tone is sounded for different lengths of time depending on the duration and intensity of the movement. So potential thieves won’t even be tempted.

• Bicycle folding lock with smart locking mechanism and alarm feature
• Highest ABUS security rating 15 out of 15 (maximum security)
• 5.5 mm thick bars made from hardened steel
• Specially riveted joint connection for high saw protection
• Resistant to coolant spray
• Links with 2-component plastic coating to protect the paint
• SmartX™ locking system: key-free operation over Bluetooth and free smartphone app
• Automatically unlocks when nearby
• App can be used to open the lock and activate the alarm
• Alarm feature with approx. 100 dB for 15 seconds, after that automatically reactivates
• 3D position detection senses movement in all three dimensions and trips the alarm
• Intelligent alarm – for small and short vibrations, such a football impact, the lock emits a short warning beep
• Saves location of where bike was last parked (when smartphone GPS is active)
• Rechargeable via USB-C connection
• Battery charge indicator can be controlled via app (incl. warning feature when charge is low)
• Includes bracket for mounting on bike

Technical details:
• Material: steel, plastic
• Security Level: 15 (out of 15)
• Data transfer: Bluetooth
• Battery: lithium-ion
• Material thickness of bars: approx. 5.5 mm
• Length: approx. 110 cm
• Compatible operating systems*: iOS, Android

* You can find out more about the ABUS app smartphone compatibility on the following site: https://www.abus.com/ger/Service/Apps5

In the box:
• ABUS Bordo 6500A/110 SmartX SH folding lock 110cm
• ABUS SH holder

Please note that the lock mount of the 110 cm version is NOT suitable for every bottle cage mount due to the weight at higher loads (e.g. on MTB). To be on the safe side, ask your bicycle manufacturer or use the supplied tension straps.

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